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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Top benefits of apple

Top benefits of apple

Apple is very famous and easily approachable fruit. It is very rich in fiber which is very much essential for our body and helps us fighting against many disease. Apple has a number of varieties and size, its size can be small, medium and large. There are countless benefits of eating apple. You can have it in the form of juice or raw. Here are top benefits of Apple:

- Apple helps in whitening of teeth and make them stronger. Apple won’t be able to take place of toothbrush but it can surely make teeth look whiter. When you eat an apple it simulate saliva production resulting in reduction of decay in teeth. 
- A person eating apple or having apple juice on regular basis is also free from Alzheimer disease. It is caused due to aging effect on brain.
- Apple peel have fiber present in it which fight against any type of cancer whether it is breast, lung, liver etc. So you need to eat apple with its peel but please make sure that it is properly washed before eating.
- Diabetes is hereditary, if one of your parent is suffering from diabetes there are high chances that it will pass on to you. But if you eat 1-2 apples a day that it can lower your chances of having diabetes by 20-30%. Due to fiber present in it.
- People who keep on eating apple on regular basis like an apple a day suffer less brain diseases like breakdown etc.
- Eating of apple is also helpful in case you are suffering from constipation due to presence of fiber in apple. 
- Problem related to weight are common nowadays. To maintain weight according to your height, doctor recommend to have fiber rich diet with low calories. As we all know the greatest source of fiber is apple. Eating apple help in maintaining weight without any side effect.
- For a better life, you need to have a good immune system. Apple improves our immunity as a result of which we are far from many diseases. 
- Apple also reduces the level of bad cholesterol in human body. 

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