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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

How sports affect your health

How sports affect your health

Sports can improve your cardio respiratory health by exercise and losing extra body fat. It also affects your muscles, bones by getting them stronger through exercise and and psychological health. Playing sports helps in safeguarding the body and prevents it from contracting various types of diseases like cancer, depression, anxity etc.

 There are innumerous  physical benefits of playing sports . Exercise in general control weight by burning calories, improves the functioning of the cardiovascular system, placing a lower strain on the heart, and increases an athlete's energy level while improving the quality of sleep. 
Games additionally gives longer-term benefits, for example, the reduced risk of diseases like cardiovascular disease and diabetes, reduce the level of body fat, improve the cholesterol makeup of the athlete's bloodstream and makes the bones and muscles stronger. 

Benefits of Team Sports

Playing in a team has its own benefits. The primary advantage of working in team is to build leader ship quality and learn to know how to take your responsibilties individually. Person gets to know how to be confidient and patient while interacting with people having different behaviour. 
In team sports, person learns to respect different authoritative figures, like coaches, referees and umpires, moreover their peers.
Team sports are a great way to earn positive feedback and rewards results in boosting self esteem . 
Taking an interest in a group activity can build discipline. By being a piece of a group, you will give and get commend. Accepting acknowledgment from a partner or a mentor will support your confidence since you have been recognized for your endeavors.

Health benefits of playing sports

Playing sports provide many health benefits for each age group, participating in sports can improve your health throughout your life. Playing sports has many health benefits, which are explained below.

Sports reduce stress and depression

When you are physically active, your mind is distracted from everyday stresses. Sports helps you in getting rid of negative thoughts. Sports is the best physical activity to reduces amount of stress hormones in your body. 

Lowers Hypertension

Hypertension, also known as high blood pressure, may result in stroke or heart disease. This makes the control of hypertension absolutely necessary. Hypertension can be prevented from being physically active or by taking part in playing sports. 

Weight Control

As much as you will be physically active, you will be maintiaing your weight. This is the simplest and enjoyable  way to reduce and control weight. Try to play atleast one hour a day to keep yourself health. It also reduces cholesterol and control diabetes.

Best sport games for health


Football is a world famous game, it is the game that most played in the world and most people like it. It is a very classic game that provide you perfect enjoyment and keep your body bones active and strong. Those people who suffer in the depression and stress, they are required to play these sort of games so that they could reduce the depression and stress without consulting doctors.


Swimming is not only a sport, it is all round physical excericse that increases body stamina. Here I am going to share some benefits of swimming:
Increase muscular strength and muscle tone.
Directly impacts cardiorespiratory system  
Builds Up Bone Mass
Helps You Stay Flexible
Improve Exercise-Induced Asthma
Lowers Stress and Depression
Improves Muscle Definition and Strength
Swimming is also a great way to improve the most important muscle in your body – The heart!


This popular sport works pretty much everything in the body, from the cardiorespiratory system to calorie burn to build strength and endurance.
Burn calories (an hour of basketball can burn 630–750 calories) 
Build endurance 
Improve balance and coordination 
Develop concentration and self-discipline 
Build up muscle.


This sport has major benefits for cardiorespiratory health, body composition, and muscular endurance. This is the best excericse for legs, stomach and enhance your patience. A part from this here are some prior benefits of cycling: 
Increased cardiovascular fitness
Increased muscle strength and flexibility
Improved joint mobility
Decreased stress levels
Improved posture and coordination
Strengthened bones
Decreased body fat levels
Prevention or management of disease
Reduced anxiety and depression.


Badminton is a game that includes hitting, running and jumping. It's a game that help you in improvement of reflexes and also sharpen your mind how to respond immediately. Following are the benefits of badminton:
Increses flexibility in body
Easy way to reduce weight
Boost metabolism and digestion system
Refine functioning of lungs
Riase muscle strength 
Mind attentiveness 

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