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Friday, 16 June 2017

Healthy Meal: Chicken is Good or Bad??

Healthy Meal: Chicken is Good or Bad??

Human body requires a lot of energy to perform day to day activities and it can be obtained by eating healthy food and fruits. Vitamins and minerals are essential for the maintenance of good health and the prevention of a number of diseases. One of the greatest source is Chicken. 

Chicken:Chicken is one of the richest source of protein, vitamin B12, phosphorus, selenium, niacin and vitamin B6. The healthiest dish of chicken is chicken breast as it is rich in foliate and folic acid. Unlike raw meat, chicken doesn’t contain calories and high amount of fat. 

Chicken is very famous worldwide; it is prepared and served in many different ways. One should have chicken on regular basis to have a certain amount of protein. But everything in this universe have its pro and cons. Chicken may be good for your health but one need to eat variety of other  foods with it too.

Always keep in mind that Chicken is just a part of your diet, not the complete component of food.

Single food diet is not responsible for providing you all the necessary minerals and proteins. Chicken also has its advantages and disadvantages on human body if you take excessive amount. I am listing below some of its positive and negative effective on human body.

Health Benefits of Chicken:

1) Vitamins in Chicken

Chicken is a source that is rich in nutrients and provide high amount of vitamin and protein. A huge number of dishes can be prepared from chicken by using vegetables, spices and herbs. Chicken is preferred over beef and other meat because it contain less fat and sufficient amount of vitamin.

a) Vitamin B3:

Chicken contain almost all vitamins but Chicken breast is the best resource of vitamin B3. People can have chicken breast by cooking it with spices or can also have it with other dishes. 

b) Vitamin B5: 

Vitamin B5 is another nutrient that is provided to us by chicken. Vitamin B5 is very much helpful for our metabolism stabilization, growing of nails, nourished hairs, which is solely provided by chicken. 

2) Protein in Chicken:

If someone is looking for best source of low fat protein, then chicken breast is the best. Protein present in chicken breast helps in muscle growth, maintaining body weight and also helpful for weight loss. 

3) Chicken as Anti- Depression dish: 

As Chicken is high in amino acid, and this acid gives you feeling of comfort. So if you are suffering from depression, having a bowl of chicken soup will definitely help and lull you to sleep and also enhance your mood. 

4) Benefits for bones: 

Humans whether they are younger one or seniordue to some accidents or due to their age sometime may suffer from several bones and joint pains because of loss of protein from their body. And chicken being greatest source of protein can help you with these problems. To lessen the pain person should have chicken soup on regular basis.

5) Contains no sugar or carbohydrates yet consists of 27 grams of protein in just a half breast, which is 50% of your daily value. Due to the high amount of protein, chicken breast is an amazing fat-burning food and needed for those who are working-out and trying to build muscle.

6) Has many essential vitamins E, B6 and B12 that are found in chicken breasts. Vitamin B is a great source of energy and works wonders on your overall heart health. If you are trying to burn fat, you will need the energy that is provided through the chicken. This great food also provides 26 percent of our daily value of vitamin B6. B6 is important, because it keeps our blood vessels healthy and wards off heart disease and strokes.

7) Chicken has 60 percent of your daily need of niacin, which reduces your risk of many types of cancers and promotes healthy circulation, blood production, and neurological function.
8) Contains 20 percent of our recommended daily value ofselenium. This mineral is believed to help reduce risk of cancer, as well as protect your immune system. It also is proven to promote healthy thyroid functioning and protect against heart disease.

9) There are significant amounts of omega-3 fatty acids in chicken breasts. Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for a healthy body, especially a healthy heart.

A few things about chicken that cannot be neglected:

1) Excessive eating of chicken can lead to colon cancer. Sometimes chicks are fed with arsenic inorder to grow them faster and gain some weight. Arsenic is highly toxic to human being.

2) Salmonella is a bacteria found in poultry, due to this bacteria every time you eat chicken you are raising the chances of getting sick by 30%-40%.

3) There is high risk of exposure to anti biotic resistant bacteria by eating chicken on daily basis.

4) Excessive use of chicken can lead to extra cholesterol in human body than it required.

Excess of everything is bad; please do keep it in your mind “Chicken is just a part of your healthy diet, not complete diet”.

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