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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Health Benefits of Oranges

Health Benefits of Oranges

Orange is the one of the best citrus fruits that is delightful in taste and rich in vitamin C.  Orange is the type of fruit that is easily approachable and available at winter season. You can have it in breakfast in form of juice and can also take it in slices after peeling off in a day. I am going to describe innumerous benefits of orange that you might dint know:

- Glowing Skin, Oranges plays vital role in nourishing skin.  It helps in removing bacteria’s from your skin that are responsible for damaging your skin. This Citrus, that is rich in vitamin c helps to control acne by cleaning pores and removing dead skin cells. It is the best natural remedy for oily skin. It helps to saturate your skin and make it dry.
You can also prepare a paste of orange’s peels by drying it and mixing it with rose water and simply with water. This is the best source for glowing skin, improving skin tone and preventing hair loss.
- Control Weight, If you follow strict diet plan then orange is the best option to add in plan, as these are very low in calories and high in fiber. Hence this is the fat free fruit that you can take without thinking twice. 
- Increase immune system and digestion system, If you are having poor digestion system and immune system then you should consider orange once a day.
- Prevent Cancer disease, the antioxidant property of orange increase immune system and prevent cancer.
- Best remedy for Diabetes, Orange helps to produce insulin in body thus balance sugar level.
- Reduce Cholesterol; the various nutrients in oranges can play vital role in reducing cholesterol. 
- Control blood pressure, high amount of vitamin c use to control blood pressure by reducing sodium content.
- Reduced kidney disease, It helps in reducing and eliminating kidney stone and other kidney diseases.

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