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Friday, 23 June 2017

Gaining weight too fast: Causes and Prevention's

Gaining weight too fast: Causes and Prevention's

In present scenario people are facing many problems regarding their weight. Some are suffering from underweight and some are suffering from Overweight. One more problem that youngsters, adults and children are getting now days is gaining weight very fast.Some people complaints that we don’t eat too much but still gain weight.  Let discuss causes and prevention's of gaining weight too fast one by one.

Causes of gaining weight too fast:

1) When you are in stress
Now days stress is very common in every age group. Everybody has different reasons for stress like study, work pressure, family, relationship issues, income issues, dissatisfaction, over thinking, depressive environment etc. Doesn’t matter how good you are in diet, if you are in stress then you will be gaining weight.Stress also increases hunger in human body,some people have habit of continuous eating when they are in anxiety. 

2) When you don’t drink penalty of water
Dehydration is one of the reason of gaining weight. If you are not drinking sufficient water in a day then that may cause to stress and many health related diseases.If you are dehydrated, it will direct affect your digestion system and metabolism results in producing fatty acid in your body.

3) Health diseases
The health diseases like thyroid, Cushing syndrome, menopause, fatigue, gestational diabetes, digestion problem, deficiency of fiber,liver failurealso lead to weight gain. Taking too much medicine can also be reason of sudden weight gain. 

4) When you eat junk food frequently
Junk food is prior and very common reason of gaining weight.Taking junk food once a while is good, but taking it frequently can be harmful. It contains too much calories and fat acid, even when you eat junk food continuously for 4-5 days, you can see result in your body by yourself.

5)Tiredness and lack of sleep
Now days most of people suffering from insomnia. The reason being work pressure, stress, and depression. Some people are used to late night eating habits, that results in weight gain.From tiredness and lack of sleep, you can see instant reaction of weight gain. 

6) Displacement of Schedule 
Changing your daily routine can also change your body’s need. When you do not sleep at night, your eating capacity increase results in hitting snacks and food that cause weight gain. 

7) Lack of physical activity
In today’s scenario, everybody is busy in their own life. People have their own facilities, they do work, fun, eat but they don’t have time to do physical activity. This leads to weight gain.


1) Keep yourself hydrated
Drink water as much as you can. Water is natural remedy for many diseases. It helps in flushing the fatty acid from body. Always keep yourself hydrated as it improve the digestive and metabolism system. And if your digestive system is strong enough, it results in maintaining your weight.

2) Do workout
Food is one of the reason for gaining weight too fast. You can eat much but do work out accordingly.Keep yourself physically active, the more you are involved in physical activities, the more you will tone your body.Never lie down instantly after eating as it results in low and slow digestion of food.Always make a proper routine for work out and follow it strictly.

3) Avoid junk food
I am not saying you should totally avoid junk food, yes you can take that once a while for taste. But regularly consumption of junk food cause many diseases including weight gaining. So try to avoid junk food as it contains high amount of fat.

4) Think less and enjoy
Never take too much stress and find some time for yourself. Try to hang out with people you like the most and do fun as much as you can do.This will help you in relaxing your mind.You can also do meditation for your own peace. 

5) Visit doctor regularly 
You should visit doctor once in six months for regular checkup to stay up to date with your health condition.

6) Make proper diet plan
Try to make a proper diet plan and eat accordingly. Never take large meals, always try to divide your meal in sub-meals. Never eat in improper time or late night. When you eat at night, there are high chances of gaining unwanted weight as we won’t be able to do any activity that helps in digestion.

7) Consume less alcohol
Consumption of alcohol causes sudden weight gain. People take alcohol for fun, relaxing up and for peace of mind. But its not true, while consuming alcohol you can get rid of your stress for some time, not for long time. Apart from weight gain it also causes health problems like liver failure, effect digestive system resulting in sudden weight gain, amnesia and many more. 

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