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Friday, 23 June 2017

Effects of smoking on health

Effects of smoking on health

Smoking is becoming trendy in present scenario especially in youngster. Sometimes students take it for fun and enjoyment, resulting in becoming addictive of smoking. Some people give it the name of stress reliever and also encourage other to do so. But it’s not true, it’s a very bad habit. It only doesn’t affect the person who is smoking but also affects the people around him. 
Through smoking you are indirectly inhaling drugs. Every time you smoke it leaves some effect on your body and starts killing you slowly. It affect respiratory system, digestive system, immunity system and circulatory systems in the body.

Reason for smoking: 

1) Surrounding Influence: Mostly youngster got influenced by the people around them like parents, friends, relatives, guardians, siblings and colleagues etc. They keep wondering how does it feel to smoke as people around them seems to be enjoying it. And this curiosity encourages them to start smoking resulting in getting addict to smoking. 
2) Social Life: Most of the people think it is necessary to smoke and drink in order to stay social. Initially it all starts to impress the people around you but it turns into addiction. People think it’s a social gesture to smoke with people around you. It may often happen in social groups if person is denying or avoiding smoking/drinking, group members start teasing him/her. He starts to think about it like “why I am not doing this”, “what is wrong in this, everyone is doing this.” The teasing and constant annoying comments from group members force him to start smoking and drinking. 
3) To lose weight: Sometimes people start smoking in order to lose or maintain their weight. It is the simplest and fastest way to lose your weight and you will be able to notice the results within few weeks. People suffering from extra weight are so obsessed with losing weight instantly they don’t look up for right or wrong ways. And as smoking is the easiest way, people opt it. 
4) Experiment: Teenage is the age where he/she starting experimenting new things especially those one which are prohibited to them. The prohibited things include drugs, smoking, clubbing, street fights, racing etc. resulting in creating great havoc to their lives. These experiments leave them in great trouble costing their health and life. 
5) To get relaxed: It’s a myth that you can get temporary relaxation by via smoking. Nowadays people suffer a lot of physical and mental stress, it may be due to broken marriage, abuse and unemployment etc. They want to feel nothing and smoking, taking drug make it possible which is a very terrible thing to do. 

Effect of smoking on body and diseases caused by smoking:

Smoking only doesn’t affect respiratory system, it also affect other system in our body including circulatory system. The greatest effect it has on our lungs, heart and liver. The main cause of lung cancer is smoking. There are a number of health hazard of smoking, a few of them are listed below:

a) Lung Cancer
b) Heart Issues
c) Liver cancer
d) Tuberculosis
e) Vision loss
f) Bladder Cancer
g) Cervical Cancer
h) Pale skin
i) Dirty teeth
j) Decrease healing power of cuts

How to quit smoking: Once you start smoking it’s very hard to quit it because of the addictive substance present in it, but it’s not impossible to quit. If you are determined and confident enough to quit, then you can quit it for sure. All you need is strong will power. Here are some tricks/tips that you can apply in order to quit smoking:

1) Distract yourself: Whenever you feel your craving for smoking try to distract yourself so that your mind won’t go there. Distracting yourself may include playing games, interact with other person, concentrate on work etc. 
2) Drug replacement therapies: You should start taking drug replacement therapies like nicotine gum etc. They will help you in getting away from smoking as a replacement. Nowadays Electric cigarette are also used as replacement for the traditional smoking. Although effect of electric cigarette on human body is to be experimented yet but it is safer than natural smoking.
3) Mediation: It might sound boring but mediation is the best way to keep you away from smoking and its very good for you while you are in withdrawal. It may also help you in collecting your thoughts, will let you know what is triggering you to smoking.
4) Change group: Instead of hanging out with people who keep on trying new drugs, smoking etc try to make some new friends who are not into smoking and drinking etc. It would be great if you could encourage them too quit smoking and drinking.   
As a conclusion I can only say that it’s your will power that will help you in getting away or quitting alcohol. 

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