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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

A few tips to enjoy Summer

A few tips to enjoy Summer

In order to have a healthy and peaceful life, it is necessary to have a healthy body. Human body can only be healthy and free of any diseases if it is getting proper diet and nutrition. You cannot rely on the same diet plan for the complete year. Diet should be changed according to season as human body adapt changes according to environment. Diet should be consist of seasonal food, it is more effective than having off seasonal food in diet. Off seasonal fruits and vegetables may lead to health related problems. If you are planning to get rid of some extra fat in your body then summer is the best time. As we all know that in summer body get more sweat than winter or other seasonHere I am going to share some useful tips which can help you in summer:

1) Drink Water: Summer tends to make you dehydrated due to hot weather. Drink a lot of water, in summer as there are much more chances of getting dehydrated than winter. A hydrated body is capable and has very high resistant to infections, diseases etc. Simplest and healthiest way to enjoy summer is drink water. Always drink filtered and fresh water, never drink unclean water.
2) Green Tea: Summer has great effect on our metabolism, if you are addicted to tea you should take green tea instead of sweet tea. Green tea has ingredients in it which helps in speeding up of the metabolism. Sweet tea is good for winter as it will help you in keeping your body warm but for summer try avoiding it and take green tea. Green tea is also helpful in case you want to lose fat, helps in burning fat. 
3) Have seasonal vegetables and fruits: Due to high technology and greenhouse effect etc it is possible to get any type of vegetable at any season. But you should consider eating seasonal things as they are having less preservative and grown up naturally. Eating unseasonal fruits can make you sick and cause many other health related issues. 
4) Have breakfast everyday: It is the basic need, if you have a healthy breakfast your whole day will be delightful. You can concentrate on your work, never skip your breakfast, it keeps you energetic for the full day. Make sure to have a sufficient amount of food in the morning, it should be healthy and should contain seasonal components. 
5) Sunscreen protector: You should try avoiding going out in noon on regular basis. It’s good to go out in noon once in fortnight. But if it is necessary to go out in the noon don’t forget to use sunscreen protector. It will protect our skin from burns that can be caused by sun light but sun protector should be of 25-30 spf. If you are using protector of more than this spf it may affect your skin too. 
6) No fast food: One of the reason for getting extra fat is eating fast food, if you are looking forward to lose weight you should avoid eating fast food. Fast food is not healthy at all, it release fatty acid in body resulting in weight gain. Apart from this it also cause health issues. To be healthy its necessary not to have fast food. 
7) No leftover food: Leftover food should not be eaten in any season, its very unhealthy and it can lead to food poisoning. Food poisoning is the most common in summer days. Food get staled more frequently in summer than winter. Try to have only freshly prepared food. And once you are done eating, refrigerate the food, don’t leave it uncovered or unwrapped.
8) Clothes: Clothes have their own importance for different season. Person should choose cloth according to weather and temperature outside. In summer try to wear light color clothes than darker. The reason being dark color absorb sunrays resulting in raising the body temperature. Dark color are good for winter as you need heat at that time. 
9) You should take bath more frequently in summer it will help you to be fresh as well as will keep you away from many diseases. Whenever you came home from outside make sure to wash your face with clean water. 
10) Only eat food and fruits which is healthier and keep your body humid. For example you should eat melon, as it contain high amount of water resulting in maintain the hydration of body. But make sure you are having only fresh fruits and vegetables.
Summer can be enjoyed fully if you take care of certain things. Happy summer 2017!!! 

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