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Health Benefits of Oranges

Health Benefits of Oranges

Orange is the one of the best citrus fruits that is delightful in taste and rich in vitamin C.  Orange is the type of fruit that is easily approachable and available at winter season. You can have it in breakfast in form of juice and can also take it in slices after peeling off in a day. I am going to describe innumerous benefits of orange that you might dint know:

- Glowing Skin, Oranges plays vital role in nourishing skin.  It helps in removing bacteria’s from your skin that are responsible for damaging your skin. This Citrus, that is rich in vitamin c helps to control acne by cleaning pores and removing dead skin cells. It is the best natural remedy for oily skin. It helps to saturate your skin and make it dry.
You can also prepare a paste of orange’s peels by drying it and mixing it with rose water and simply with water. This is the best source for glowing skin, improving skin tone and preventing hair loss.
- Control Weight, If you follow strict diet plan then orange is the best option to add in plan, as these are very low in calories and high in fiber. Hence this is the fat free fruit that you can take without thinking twice. 
- Increase immune system and digestion system, If you are having poor digestion system and immune system then you should consider orange once a day.
- Prevent Cancer disease, the antioxidant property of orange increase immune system and prevent cancer.
- Best remedy for Diabetes, Orange helps to produce insulin in body thus balance sugar level.
- Reduce Cholesterol; the various nutrients in oranges can play vital role in reducing cholesterol. 
- Control blood pressure, high amount of vitamin c use to control blood pressure by reducing sodium content.
- Reduced kidney disease, It helps in reducing and eliminating kidney stone and other kidney diseases.

Top benefits of apple

Top benefits of apple

Apple is very famous and easily approachable fruit. It is very rich in fiber which is very much essential for our body and helps us fighting against many disease. Apple has a number of varieties and size, its size can be small, medium and large. There are countless benefits of eating apple. You can have it in the form of juice or raw. Here are top benefits of Apple:

- Apple helps in whitening of teeth and make them stronger. Apple won’t be able to take place of toothbrush but it can surely make teeth look whiter. When you eat an apple it simulate saliva production resulting in reduction of decay in teeth. 
- A person eating apple or having apple juice on regular basis is also free from Alzheimer disease. It is caused due to aging effect on brain.
- Apple peel have fiber present in it which fight against any type of cancer whether it is breast, lung, liver etc. So you need to eat apple with its peel but please make sure that it is properly washed before eating.
- Diabetes is hereditary, if one of your parent is suffering from diabetes there are high chances that it will pass on to you. But if you eat 1-2 apples a day that it can lower your chances of having diabetes by 20-30%. Due to fiber present in it.
- People who keep on eating apple on regular basis like an apple a day suffer less brain diseases like breakdown etc.
- Eating of apple is also helpful in case you are suffering from constipation due to presence of fiber in apple. 
- Problem related to weight are common nowadays. To maintain weight according to your height, doctor recommend to have fiber rich diet with low calories. As we all know the greatest source of fiber is apple. Eating apple help in maintaining weight without any side effect.
- For a better life, you need to have a good immune system. Apple improves our immunity as a result of which we are far from many diseases. 
- Apple also reduces the level of bad cholesterol in human body. 


How sports affect your health

How sports affect your health

Sports can improve your cardio respiratory health by exercise and losing extra body fat. It also affects your muscles, bones by getting them stronger through exercise and and psychological health. Playing sports helps in safeguarding the body and prevents it from contracting various types of diseases like cancer, depression, anxity etc.

 There are innumerous  physical benefits of playing sports . Exercise in general control weight by burning calories, improves the functioning of the cardiovascular system, placing a lower strain on the heart, and increases an athlete's energy level while improving the quality of sleep. 
Games additionally gives longer-term benefits, for example, the reduced risk of diseases like cardiovascular disease and diabetes, reduce the level of body fat, improve the cholesterol makeup of the athlete's bloodstream and makes the bones and muscles stronger. 

Benefits of Team Sports

Playing in a team has its own benefits. The primary advantage of working in team is to build leader ship quality and learn to know how to take your responsibilties individually. Person gets to know how to be confidient and patient while interacting with people having different behaviour. 
In team sports, person learns to respect different authoritative figures, like coaches, referees and umpires, moreover their peers.
Team sports are a great way to earn positive feedback and rewards results in boosting self esteem . 
Taking an interest in a group activity can build discipline. By being a piece of a group, you will give and get commend. Accepting acknowledgment from a partner or a mentor will support your confidence since you have been recognized for your endeavors.

Health benefits of playing sports

Playing sports provide many health benefits for each age group, participating in sports can improve your health throughout your life. Playing sports has many health benefits, which are explained below.

Sports reduce stress and depression

When you are physically active, your mind is distracted from everyday stresses. Sports helps you in getting rid of negative thoughts. Sports is the best physical activity to reduces amount of stress hormones in your body. 

Lowers Hypertension

Hypertension, also known as high blood pressure, may result in stroke or heart disease. This makes the control of hypertension absolutely necessary. Hypertension can be prevented from being physically active or by taking part in playing sports. 

Weight Control

As much as you will be physically active, you will be maintiaing your weight. This is the simplest and enjoyable  way to reduce and control weight. Try to play atleast one hour a day to keep yourself health. It also reduces cholesterol and control diabetes.

Best sport games for health


Football is a world famous game, it is the game that most played in the world and most people like it. It is a very classic game that provide you perfect enjoyment and keep your body bones active and strong. Those people who suffer in the depression and stress, they are required to play these sort of games so that they could reduce the depression and stress without consulting doctors.


Swimming is not only a sport, it is all round physical excericse that increases body stamina. Here I am going to share some benefits of swimming:
Increase muscular strength and muscle tone.
Directly impacts cardiorespiratory system  
Builds Up Bone Mass
Helps You Stay Flexible
Improve Exercise-Induced Asthma
Lowers Stress and Depression
Improves Muscle Definition and Strength
Swimming is also a great way to improve the most important muscle in your body – The heart!


This popular sport works pretty much everything in the body, from the cardiorespiratory system to calorie burn to build strength and endurance.
Burn calories (an hour of basketball can burn 630–750 calories) 
Build endurance 
Improve balance and coordination 
Develop concentration and self-discipline 
Build up muscle.


This sport has major benefits for cardiorespiratory health, body composition, and muscular endurance. This is the best excericse for legs, stomach and enhance your patience. A part from this here are some prior benefits of cycling: 
Increased cardiovascular fitness
Increased muscle strength and flexibility
Improved joint mobility
Decreased stress levels
Improved posture and coordination
Strengthened bones
Decreased body fat levels
Prevention or management of disease
Reduced anxiety and depression.


Badminton is a game that includes hitting, running and jumping. It's a game that help you in improvement of reflexes and also sharpen your mind how to respond immediately. Following are the benefits of badminton:
Increses flexibility in body
Easy way to reduce weight
Boost metabolism and digestion system
Refine functioning of lungs
Riase muscle strength 
Mind attentiveness 


Healthy tips for winters in terms of Fruits, veg and drinks

Healthy tips for winters in terms of Fruits, veg and drinks

There are  a number of fruits and vegetables that are available in winter season. Also these are very much necessary for body as they contain nutrients which helps us in improving our metabolism.In winter the body metabolism is low,then it is a advise to take fruits and vegetables that are low in calories and have a number of nutrients. Alsoeating seasonal fruits and vegetables are healthier due to nutrients content variation when grown in off-season.
Here are some of the healthiest winter fruits and vegetables you should be eating.
1) Apple: There is a saying regarding apple: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. It is a fruit that is loved by any age group and is easily available in the market. Winter is the season of apple and has a number of nutrients present in it. Apply is highly healthy fruit, provide lots of fiber and antioxidants that keep you healthy, safe and fight against common disease causing bacteria, harmful diseases.

2) Pomegranate: Pomegranate is most old and nutrious fruit of winter season. It is a rich source of potassium and vitamin C which are useful in cleansing your body with the help of antioxidants present in it.Pomegranate can be taken by peeling off its cover and eating its seed or it can also be taken in liquid form. Drinking pomegranate juice will improve your immunity and you will stay free from harmful radicals.

3) Orange: Orange is the most popular winter fruit. This fruit is harvested during the winter and available in bulk during this season. It is the best source of vitamin C and helps your body fight against germs.Citrus rich fruits are rich in antioxidants and build immunity to the common cold. Apart from this it a has a wide range of benefits for skin too. If you keep orange’s peel safe with you, dry it in sunlight and prepare a paste from, i\t is the best facepack that you can ever have.

4)Carrots: Carrots are one of the most easily approachable and nutritious winter vegetable. It contain a lot of vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin B6, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Vitamin K  which are vital for your health. Carrots are rich in anti-oxidants that also promote better skin and overall health. It can also be taken as salad or in liquid form. Carrot juice is very good for eyes and helps in improving the eye sight.

5) Pumpkin: Pumpkin is rich in fiber, whichis necessary for digestion of food. Pumpkins is very helpful in maintain body optimal blood pressure level. Some of the nutrients in pumpkins support the health of your kidney, bladder and prostate. Pumpkins May Reduce Cancer Risk and their seeds are rich in the amino acid that can boost your mood.

6) Peas: Peas are also found in winter. Peas have a lot of benefits. Children love to eat them simply by peeling off their cover. There are a number of benefits of peas and some of them are: it control our blood sugar, it improves food digestion and immunity, it is very good for the Eye sight and also very beneficial for weight loss.

7) Broccoli: Broccoli is an excellent source of the vitamins and rich in nutrients. Broccoli can Improve digestion and natural detoxification. It can also improve bone health. It protects from chronic disease. Here are the benefits of broccoli:

Cancer prevention
Cholesterol reduction
Reducing the allergic reaction and inflammation
Powerful antioxidant
Great for detoxification

Healthy tips for drinks in winter

Drinking plenty of water each day is a great way to maintain your health. It keeps you hydrated and keeps us away from many harmful diseases.
Drinking water helps you maintain a healthy metabolism, which is great if you're attempting to trying to lose a few pounds.
Prepare a drink of coconut oil, almond milk and ginger its very healthy and keeps you warm in the winter. You should have such drink once a week.
Hot lemon water has delicate flavor but is great for the body. Hot water and lemon are said to flush the liver and kidneys of toxins.
Drinking hot beverages during the winter is a great way to beat the chill, apart from this they are healthy too. 

Healthy tips for winters

Here some healthy tips for winter season:-
Be physically activeduring the winter to improve mental health and physical immunity.
Join a gym or a workout classes to keep connected and accountable to getting your workout in.
Prepare your diet according to the season.
Make sure you complete your exercise on daily basis and one regular basis. 
Eat Plenty of seasonal Fruit & Vegetables.
Make sure have proper sleep of 6 hours a day.
Choose foods containing Vitamin D.
Drink more milk and shakes. 
Have a hearty breakfast.
If you are looking forward to enjoy winter wrath you should consider above mentioned factors. Happy upcoming winter 2017!!!


A few tips to enjoy Summer

A few tips to enjoy Summer

In order to have a healthy and peaceful life, it is necessary to have a healthy body. Human body can only be healthy and free of any diseases if it is getting proper diet and nutrition. You cannot rely on the same diet plan for the complete year. Diet should be changed according to season as human body adapt changes according to environment. Diet should be consist of seasonal food, it is more effective than having off seasonal food in diet. Off seasonal fruits and vegetables may lead to health related problems. If you are planning to get rid of some extra fat in your body then summer is the best time. As we all know that in summer body get more sweat than winter or other seasonHere I am going to share some useful tips which can help you in summer:

1) Drink Water: Summer tends to make you dehydrated due to hot weather. Drink a lot of water, in summer as there are much more chances of getting dehydrated than winter. A hydrated body is capable and has very high resistant to infections, diseases etc. Simplest and healthiest way to enjoy summer is drink water. Always drink filtered and fresh water, never drink unclean water.
2) Green Tea: Summer has great effect on our metabolism, if you are addicted to tea you should take green tea instead of sweet tea. Green tea has ingredients in it which helps in speeding up of the metabolism. Sweet tea is good for winter as it will help you in keeping your body warm but for summer try avoiding it and take green tea. Green tea is also helpful in case you want to lose fat, helps in burning fat. 
3) Have seasonal vegetables and fruits: Due to high technology and greenhouse effect etc it is possible to get any type of vegetable at any season. But you should consider eating seasonal things as they are having less preservative and grown up naturally. Eating unseasonal fruits can make you sick and cause many other health related issues. 
4) Have breakfast everyday: It is the basic need, if you have a healthy breakfast your whole day will be delightful. You can concentrate on your work, never skip your breakfast, it keeps you energetic for the full day. Make sure to have a sufficient amount of food in the morning, it should be healthy and should contain seasonal components. 
5) Sunscreen protector: You should try avoiding going out in noon on regular basis. It’s good to go out in noon once in fortnight. But if it is necessary to go out in the noon don’t forget to use sunscreen protector. It will protect our skin from burns that can be caused by sun light but sun protector should be of 25-30 spf. If you are using protector of more than this spf it may affect your skin too. 
6) No fast food: One of the reason for getting extra fat is eating fast food, if you are looking forward to lose weight you should avoid eating fast food. Fast food is not healthy at all, it release fatty acid in body resulting in weight gain. Apart from this it also cause health issues. To be healthy its necessary not to have fast food. 
7) No leftover food: Leftover food should not be eaten in any season, its very unhealthy and it can lead to food poisoning. Food poisoning is the most common in summer days. Food get staled more frequently in summer than winter. Try to have only freshly prepared food. And once you are done eating, refrigerate the food, don’t leave it uncovered or unwrapped.
8) Clothes: Clothes have their own importance for different season. Person should choose cloth according to weather and temperature outside. In summer try to wear light color clothes than darker. The reason being dark color absorb sunrays resulting in raising the body temperature. Dark color are good for winter as you need heat at that time. 
9) You should take bath more frequently in summer it will help you to be fresh as well as will keep you away from many diseases. Whenever you came home from outside make sure to wash your face with clean water. 
10) Only eat food and fruits which is healthier and keep your body humid. For example you should eat melon, as it contain high amount of water resulting in maintain the hydration of body. But make sure you are having only fresh fruits and vegetables.
Summer can be enjoyed fully if you take care of certain things. Happy summer 2017!!! 


Gaining weight too fast: Causes and Prevention's

Gaining weight too fast: Causes and Prevention's

In present scenario people are facing many problems regarding their weight. Some are suffering from underweight and some are suffering from Overweight. One more problem that youngsters, adults and children are getting now days is gaining weight very fast.Some people complaints that we don’t eat too much but still gain weight.  Let discuss causes and prevention's of gaining weight too fast one by one.

Causes of gaining weight too fast:

1) When you are in stress
Now days stress is very common in every age group. Everybody has different reasons for stress like study, work pressure, family, relationship issues, income issues, dissatisfaction, over thinking, depressive environment etc. Doesn’t matter how good you are in diet, if you are in stress then you will be gaining weight.Stress also increases hunger in human body,some people have habit of continuous eating when they are in anxiety. 

2) When you don’t drink penalty of water
Dehydration is one of the reason of gaining weight. If you are not drinking sufficient water in a day then that may cause to stress and many health related diseases.If you are dehydrated, it will direct affect your digestion system and metabolism results in producing fatty acid in your body.

3) Health diseases
The health diseases like thyroid, Cushing syndrome, menopause, fatigue, gestational diabetes, digestion problem, deficiency of fiber,liver failurealso lead to weight gain. Taking too much medicine can also be reason of sudden weight gain. 

4) When you eat junk food frequently
Junk food is prior and very common reason of gaining weight.Taking junk food once a while is good, but taking it frequently can be harmful. It contains too much calories and fat acid, even when you eat junk food continuously for 4-5 days, you can see result in your body by yourself.

5)Tiredness and lack of sleep
Now days most of people suffering from insomnia. The reason being work pressure, stress, and depression. Some people are used to late night eating habits, that results in weight gain.From tiredness and lack of sleep, you can see instant reaction of weight gain. 

6) Displacement of Schedule 
Changing your daily routine can also change your body’s need. When you do not sleep at night, your eating capacity increase results in hitting snacks and food that cause weight gain. 

7) Lack of physical activity
In today’s scenario, everybody is busy in their own life. People have their own facilities, they do work, fun, eat but they don’t have time to do physical activity. This leads to weight gain.


1) Keep yourself hydrated
Drink water as much as you can. Water is natural remedy for many diseases. It helps in flushing the fatty acid from body. Always keep yourself hydrated as it improve the digestive and metabolism system. And if your digestive system is strong enough, it results in maintaining your weight.

2) Do workout
Food is one of the reason for gaining weight too fast. You can eat much but do work out accordingly.Keep yourself physically active, the more you are involved in physical activities, the more you will tone your body.Never lie down instantly after eating as it results in low and slow digestion of food.Always make a proper routine for work out and follow it strictly.

3) Avoid junk food
I am not saying you should totally avoid junk food, yes you can take that once a while for taste. But regularly consumption of junk food cause many diseases including weight gaining. So try to avoid junk food as it contains high amount of fat.

4) Think less and enjoy
Never take too much stress and find some time for yourself. Try to hang out with people you like the most and do fun as much as you can do.This will help you in relaxing your mind.You can also do meditation for your own peace. 

5) Visit doctor regularly 
You should visit doctor once in six months for regular checkup to stay up to date with your health condition.

6) Make proper diet plan
Try to make a proper diet plan and eat accordingly. Never take large meals, always try to divide your meal in sub-meals. Never eat in improper time or late night. When you eat at night, there are high chances of gaining unwanted weight as we won’t be able to do any activity that helps in digestion.

7) Consume less alcohol
Consumption of alcohol causes sudden weight gain. People take alcohol for fun, relaxing up and for peace of mind. But its not true, while consuming alcohol you can get rid of your stress for some time, not for long time. Apart from weight gain it also causes health problems like liver failure, effect digestive system resulting in sudden weight gain, amnesia and many more. 


Effects of smoking on health

Effects of smoking on health

Smoking is becoming trendy in present scenario especially in youngster. Sometimes students take it for fun and enjoyment, resulting in becoming addictive of smoking. Some people give it the name of stress reliever and also encourage other to do so. But it’s not true, it’s a very bad habit. It only doesn’t affect the person who is smoking but also affects the people around him. 
Through smoking you are indirectly inhaling drugs. Every time you smoke it leaves some effect on your body and starts killing you slowly. It affect respiratory system, digestive system, immunity system and circulatory systems in the body.

Reason for smoking: 

1) Surrounding Influence: Mostly youngster got influenced by the people around them like parents, friends, relatives, guardians, siblings and colleagues etc. They keep wondering how does it feel to smoke as people around them seems to be enjoying it. And this curiosity encourages them to start smoking resulting in getting addict to smoking. 
2) Social Life: Most of the people think it is necessary to smoke and drink in order to stay social. Initially it all starts to impress the people around you but it turns into addiction. People think it’s a social gesture to smoke with people around you. It may often happen in social groups if person is denying or avoiding smoking/drinking, group members start teasing him/her. He starts to think about it like “why I am not doing this”, “what is wrong in this, everyone is doing this.” The teasing and constant annoying comments from group members force him to start smoking and drinking. 
3) To lose weight: Sometimes people start smoking in order to lose or maintain their weight. It is the simplest and fastest way to lose your weight and you will be able to notice the results within few weeks. People suffering from extra weight are so obsessed with losing weight instantly they don’t look up for right or wrong ways. And as smoking is the easiest way, people opt it. 
4) Experiment: Teenage is the age where he/she starting experimenting new things especially those one which are prohibited to them. The prohibited things include drugs, smoking, clubbing, street fights, racing etc. resulting in creating great havoc to their lives. These experiments leave them in great trouble costing their health and life. 
5) To get relaxed: It’s a myth that you can get temporary relaxation by via smoking. Nowadays people suffer a lot of physical and mental stress, it may be due to broken marriage, abuse and unemployment etc. They want to feel nothing and smoking, taking drug make it possible which is a very terrible thing to do. 

Effect of smoking on body and diseases caused by smoking:

Smoking only doesn’t affect respiratory system, it also affect other system in our body including circulatory system. The greatest effect it has on our lungs, heart and liver. The main cause of lung cancer is smoking. There are a number of health hazard of smoking, a few of them are listed below:

a) Lung Cancer
b) Heart Issues
c) Liver cancer
d) Tuberculosis
e) Vision loss
f) Bladder Cancer
g) Cervical Cancer
h) Pale skin
i) Dirty teeth
j) Decrease healing power of cuts

How to quit smoking: Once you start smoking it’s very hard to quit it because of the addictive substance present in it, but it’s not impossible to quit. If you are determined and confident enough to quit, then you can quit it for sure. All you need is strong will power. Here are some tricks/tips that you can apply in order to quit smoking:

1) Distract yourself: Whenever you feel your craving for smoking try to distract yourself so that your mind won’t go there. Distracting yourself may include playing games, interact with other person, concentrate on work etc. 
2) Drug replacement therapies: You should start taking drug replacement therapies like nicotine gum etc. They will help you in getting away from smoking as a replacement. Nowadays Electric cigarette are also used as replacement for the traditional smoking. Although effect of electric cigarette on human body is to be experimented yet but it is safer than natural smoking.
3) Mediation: It might sound boring but mediation is the best way to keep you away from smoking and its very good for you while you are in withdrawal. It may also help you in collecting your thoughts, will let you know what is triggering you to smoking.
4) Change group: Instead of hanging out with people who keep on trying new drugs, smoking etc try to make some new friends who are not into smoking and drinking etc. It would be great if you could encourage them too quit smoking and drinking.   
As a conclusion I can only say that it’s your will power that will help you in getting away or quitting alcohol. 


Seasonal Fruits: With Top Health Benefits

Seasonal Fruits: With Top Health Benefits 

Summer is the best period of the year to concentrate on your body and sustain it by entertaining yourself with organic products. In spite of the fact that there are a lot of reasons to eat undesirable nourishment in winter time, there's truly no reason not to exploit the yearly organic product abundance when it's going full bore. It's a much better alternative connecting for a bit of natural product when the desire strikes than nibbling on cakes, confection or frozen yogurts. Here I am sharing the list of summer fruits 


Watermelon, as the name demonstrates, has high water content, which can keep you hydrated and revived this late spring. Watermelon likewise contains lycopene that shields skin cells from sun harm. Muskmelon is another awesome and solid summer decision. The natural product is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium and zinc, and enhances invulnerability. Though picking a muskmelon, ensure you pick one that scents sweet and musky. 


It is ostensibly the most looked for after summer natural product in India and is regularly known as the ruler of the considerable number of organic products. Mango is stacked with fiber and contains high measures of iron and selenium. It is likewise a rich wellspring of vitamin A, vitamin C and furthermore minerals like potassium, calcium and phosphorus. The a lot of fiber, cellulose and vitamin C, found in Mangoes, bring down serum LDL cholesterol levels in the body, while the potassium helps in controlling heart rate and pulse. The natural product likewise has invulnerability boosting properties. Try not to be bashful and burrow your teeth amid this yummy and sound joy. 


The sweet citrus organic product is rich in potassium, a supplement that is pivotal inside the mid year. This natural product contains all types of vitamins found in different organic products with vitamin K being the main special case. Litchi can be an exceptional wellspring of vitamin C, which ones give you common UV security, cuts down anxiety levels and upgrade the creation of red platelets in your body. Litchi is additionally stacked with beta-carotene, Cryptoxanthin and Latin. These shield the eyes from macular degeneration and help keep away contaminations and malignancies. A couple of succulent cuts of litchi is likewise keep you hydrated amid sweatiest summer days.

Blackberries and Raspberries 

These berries are awesome wellsprings of fiber. "Raspberries are a sustenance that goes unnoticed a great deal—they can be extremely costly off-season—yet there are a ton of marvelous qualities in the intense little raspberry," says Ross. "They're high in vitamin C and have 8 grams of fiber for every container." 


Plums are delicious and without flaw for the summers. They are likewise rich in dietary fiber and vitamin C. 
Organic products are the best sustenances that will make you feel pleasant and invigorated amid the hot Indian summers. So appreciate this late spring by eating however many organic products as could reasonably be expected to keep your body and stomach remain cool. 

Winter Fruits 

These sound winter organic products in season help in livening up your insusceptible framework amid winter. Regular best sound winter natural products which are prominent 


Apple gets moderate to the masses amid winters and its rich dietary advantages can be appreciated amid this season. It is very solid and give bunches of fiber and cancer prevention agents that keep you sound and battle regular chilly and fevers that spread amid winter seasons. 


Orange and different citrus organic products are collected amid the winter and accessible in mass amid this season. Because of its moderateness amid winter one can devour them in different structures like juices and servings of mixed greens to remain solid. Citrus rich organic products are rich in cancer prevention agents and construct resistance to the regular frosty. 


Guava This is a generally accessible organic product in India and humble in nature since it's moderate. Studies have demonstrated Guava to be a standout amongst the most nutritious organic products outperforming even apples as far as medical advantages. 


This is regularly one sentimental natural product that is identified with winter and exceptionally prevalent amid this season. It tastes sweet and harsh in a way that is lovely and looked for after by one and everybody. It can be eaten in its unique frame and also in juices, shakes and sticks. 


This is one of those organic products that get a slight bit reasonable amid the winter. It tastes scrumptious and is prevalently expended in different structures, for example, desserts, juices, plates of mixed greens, and so forth. It is rich in fiber, supplements and vitamin c. It is more amusing to eat in its crude from relying upon its sweetness and slight harshness that give an ideal mix of the taste.

Spring Fruits

Spring's at long last here, and summer's practically around the bend, and you most likely know it implies you should begin chipping away at your shoreline body sans delay. Still, exercise center schedules will just do their enchantment for your figure if joined by a satisfactory nourishment framework, so in case you're hoping to get the greatest value for your wellness money. 
Here are a couple natural products you might need to add to your truck do hour to control up your journey of pinnacle shape and wellbeing. 


Another organic product to get this season? Brilliant, tart apricots, which are loaded down with exceedingly vital iron. “Apricots are rich in this supplement, and we understand that needs in iron can prompt a log jam in your digestion. Eating a quarter measure of dried apricots—or a couple of crisp apricots for every day—can supply you pretty much 20% of your day by day requirement for press." 

Blood Orange

Blood oranges, surely understood for their super-charged measures of vitamin C, can fulfill longings for sweet and lemon like this season. You're in an ideal situation eating your organic product than drinking it, since you additionally inspire fiber to bring down assimilation rate, blood oranges are an extraordinary approach to get some in-season vitamin C. 


This is frequently one sentimental natural product that is identified with winter and very well known amid this season. It tastes sweet and harsh in a way that is beautiful and looked for after by one and everybody. It can be eaten in its unique frame and in addition in juices, shakes and sticks. A late spring treat, strawberries are a real goldmine of skin-accommodating micronutrients, for example, cell reinforcements, Vitamin C, manganese, folate, and potassium. 


This is one of those organic products that gets a slight bit reasonable amid the winter. It tastes flavorful and is prevalently devoured in different structures, for example, desserts, juices, plates of mixed greens, and so forth. It is rich in fiber, supplements and vitamin c. It is more enjoyable to eat in its crude from relying upon its sweetness and slight harshness that give an ideal mix of the taste. 


Healthy Lunch and Dinner Ideas for Kids

Healthy lunch and dinner ideas for kids

A healthy lunch is essential for healthy life. Growing stage is the time period where physical and mental activities of kids are involved throughout the day, parents need to make sure that kid must have the healthy meal.Healthy meal should include plenty of fruits and vegetables every day, whole grains, milk products (including cheese and yogurt), meat and meat alternatives and water
Here we’ve got simple and healthy lunch ideas that your kids will love.

Kathi rolls 

Kathi roll is healthy lunch dish for kids. It is an Indian style wrap made with veggie filling and green chutney .You can also add cheese and peanut butter in stuffing to make it more healthy. In this way you will have different varieties for kid’s lunch.

Capsicum fry:

Capsicum is one of the most healthiest vegetable that is rich in vitamin k,C and A. A delicious fry capsicum that makes a good meal to serve with rice or chapathi.  This dish is very healthy for your kids and easy to make. Beside this you can also add capsicum in pasta and macroni as per your kid taste.


Pulao is one of the most common Indian rice dish prepared with mixed vegetables. As main ingredient for pulao are rice and vegetables, its very healthy for growing kid because rice are rich in protein, easy to digest and vegetables are rich in vitamins, iron, minerals. You can have  differnet varieties of Pulao like Paneer Pulao, Vegetable Pulao, coconut milk Pulao, Pudina Pulao, and dal Pulao.  
A part from adding vegetables in pulao, you can also use nonvegetarian stuff  as per your kid’s taste. It can be chicken, meat, fish etc as per preference. It will enhance the taste as well as make it healthy. 

Healthy dinner  ideas for kids

The most toughest part of cooking dinner for your kids or youngsters is deciding what to make, the reason being kids are very picky when it comes to eat.Here are some great healthy dinner recipes for kids:-

Grilled Chicken

A grilled chicken is a good source of protein, vitamins and minerals such as iron, phosphorus and selenium. It is also healthier than a fried, chicken because grilling uses less oil than deep-frying. Protein is essential for repairing and looking after tissue, building a strong immune system and developing lean muscle mass.

Green vegetables

Green vegetables are packed with antioxidants, minerals and nutrients like vitamins A, C & K, calcium, potassium and iron.  Kids love to eat and parent need to make sure that their kid don’t only eat but eat healthy and vegetables are best source to fulfill all requirements for growing kid. You can server them to your kid in different presentation.

Sprouted Moong Salad

Sprouts are rich in fiber, protein, minerals, vitamins and enzymes. Sprouts are full of antioxidants that contend free radicals and act as a panacea for many diseases. You can also serve sprouts with meal at night because of its healthy nature . They are easily digestible and provide quick energy. It has a distinct flavor and adds taste to the other foods. Sprouts ensure blood purification and strengthen the immune system to protect against several diseases.


Milk is the best source of calcium, which is essential to build stronger bones and teeth and doctors also believe that children who drink milk and eat yoghurt every day build lesser body fat over time. Make sure you are giving appropriate amount of milk to your kid before sleeping. It also help in getting proper sleep.

High Protein food dishes

Always try to add high protein stuff in your kid’s meal. High sources of protein include meat, poultry, fish, milk, egg and cheese. The vegetables that have a good source of protein are Brussels sprouts, Eggplant, Cucumbers, Artichokes, Beets, Mustard greens, Onions, Spinach, Turnip greens, Kale, Green pepper, Broccoli, Lettuce, Mushrooms, Zucchini, Watercress etc.


Healthy ways to gain weight

Healthy ways to gain weight

Now a day’s some people are trying to lose their weight and some are struggling to gain weight. Weight gaining is not the simple task, it is much challengeable than losing weight.  Having junk food and sweets may help you in gaining weight but it is not the healthy way to get your body in shape. Junk food and sweets may lead to many health problems. There are many reasons for not gaining weight like when person is facing health related diseases, not having meal at time, stress, not having nutritious food or simply suffering from malnutrition. Weight gain is serious consideration that a person should keep in mind who is underweight. Hence always focus on nutritious rich food to gain weight. 

To gain weight we need to fulfill various resources in our body like carbohydrates, vitamin, protein and fat. I am giving you examples of various sources that help in fulfill basic requirement of body.

Guaranteed weight gain tips: 

1) Eat often  

The best way to gain weight is to have meal after a regular interval of time. Try to take meal after every 2-3 hours on daily basis. Do not take intense meal at a time, if you think that if taking a large meal at a time can help you throughout the day then it’s totally wrong, there may be problem of digestion and other diseases by doing this. 
I know it is very difficult job to eat often as it is really annoying. But trust me initially you will feel difficulty. But later on it will become part of your routine. Don’t take it as a burden. Try “eating often” to make a part of your routine.

2) Take healthy and protein rich diet

Always approach healthy and protein rich diet to gain weight. To acquire protein, add dairy products, eggs, nuts, soy, oatmeal, whole grain, rice, pasta, fruits and vegetables in your diet. Yes if you are non vegetarian then you can easily go with chicken, fish, turkey breast as these are the best source of protein. Hence these all are the widely used sources for gaining weight.

3)  Have dairy and high calories products

Adding dairy products and high calories products in your diet is healthiest way to gain weight. Add milk, yogurt, cheese, peanut butter, chocolate milk, coconut butter, smoothies and other high calories products like avocado, dry nuts, fish, chicken, chocolate, whole grain etc in your daily routine diet. Make a proper diet plan for each day and follow each step then.

4) Widely go with fruits and vegetables 

Fruits and vegetables are the best source vitamin and carbohydrate you can eat kiwi, banana, pomegranate, apple berries, mango, olives, and avocados, potatoes, broccoli, garlic, Brussels sprout, mushrooms, sweet potatoes. You can also make fruit salad as per your convenience. 

5) Exercise 

Whether you want to lose weight or you want to gain weight, exercise is the primary part for these processes. As much as you will keep your body busy with physical activities, you will be draining out your energy out of your system resulting in being hungry once again.  Before and after workout it is very necessary to have high calories and protein rich food, as while exercising you will be losing your energy. 

6) Have Drinks that can make you fat

Drinking is likewise necessary as eating or having good diet. We can’t get complete nutrition by eating only; we also need to have some drinks too.  You can have coffee, smoothies, milk, juice, chocolate milk, fruit shakes, yogurt etc. Banana shake and smoothies are the best source for fat and can help in gaining weight. Try to add it in your diet plan before and after workout or you can also add these in your breakfast. 
To gain weight for women is really challengeable as to gain weight for men. If you are going to follow above diet tips then definitely you will see result in your body after some time. 
The best part is there are no side effects of these tips on our health. Make a proper diet plan and follow that plan. But always do remember, don’t take anything in excess.

How to take care of your skin using some natural remedies:

How to take care of your skin using some natural remedies:

Every individual have different skin from other person. Skin is very delicate and should take care according to that. Never use products suggested by people around you on your skin unless your doctor recommend it to you because the products may have components that may cause problem to your skin. It’s not always compulsory that if the product working fine for the person who have suggested you will also work for you as every person has a different skin type. But still there are some natural remedies that can be used on any skin type. Here, I am sharing some natural products and they can be arranged very easily you don’t need to spend a huge amount of money, these are effective and low budget remedies, please take a look:

1) Cucumber: Cucumber is very much useful for our skin, it helps in removing tan from skin. Apart from this if you are feeling any kind of irritation in your eyes, you can simply place it over them by peeling of its cover. It is also very useful for improving skin complexion. You can use it by preparing a paste of peeled cucumber slices and yogurt. You need to mix them well by grinding cucumber slices and then add yogurt. Apply it on face and keep it for 5 minutes and then wash it with fresh water. You will feel fresh and alive.

2) Honey: Honey is very useful for acne, pores and aging. If you have acne on your face or are having complexion issues, honey is very much beneficial for you.You can directly apply honey on your skin and keep it rubbing on skin for next 5 minutes and then wash your face with clean water. You will be able to see the instant glow on your face. You can apply it occasionally or on regular basis. 

3) Papaya: Apart from benefits to our health, papaya are also beneficial for our skin. The enzymes present in papaya helps to remove dead cells from the face that appears due to various reasons. It helps in keeping our skin glowing and also prevent wrinkle formation. You can easily apply it on your face by following some easy steps and for this you require:

a) A few ripe papaya pieces
b) 1 tbsp. honey

Grind the pieces of papaya very well with the help of grinder and then add honey to it. Apply it directly on your face. Keep it for 15 minutes and after that wash with clean water. You can apply this twice a week. 
4) Fuller’s clay: To get glow on your skin or preventing wrinkles from skin, fuller’s clay is very much beneficial. It helps in removing scars and remove extra oil from face. Prepare a paste of fuller’s clay powder with water and apply directly on face. Keep it till it dry and after that wash your face with clean water. 

5) Coconut oil: Coconut contain a variety of fatty acid, which are very helpful for us. Apart from this coconut oil is beneficial for skin as it helps us keep our skin moisturized and helps to get rid of dull skin. 
You can directly use coconut oil on your skin, massage your skin with oil for some time and leave it for entire night. Keep doing this on regular basis. Soon you will start seeing results on your face.

6) Lemon: Lemon is acidic in nature and has its own benefits, apart from skin protection is also helps in digestion of food and weight loss. Lemon helps to get rid of dead cells. If you are having sun burn on your skin you can use lemon on it.

Prepare a mixture of lemon juice and sugar, keep rubbing it on your skin for 10-15 minutes in circular motions. Once done, please wash your face with fresh water. 

7) Aloe Vera:  Aloe Vera is used for both beauty products as well as for medicine purpose due to its antibiotic property. It is applicable for all type of skin. If you are taking any kind of medical treatment for skin and it’s leaving your skin dry, you can use it and get rid of dry or dull skin. Aloe Vera is used by extracting gel from it and use it on skin for healing purpose. You can also prepare a mask using Aloe Vera, you need:

a) ½ tbsp. turmeric
b) 2 tbsps. of aloe Vera gel
c) Milk

Mix all the ingredients very well and apply it directly on face. Keep it for 20 minutes. After that wash your face. Use this mask for twice a week.  
8) Turmeric: Turmeric plays an important role in keeping your skin glowing and nourish your skin tone. Turmeric works for every kind of skin and doesn’t have any side effect on skin. The mask prepared using turmeric is very effective to keep skin glowing and its very simple to prepare the mask, you just need:

a) 1tbps turmeric powder, 
b) 5-6spoons chickpea flour 
c) Milk or water.

Prepare a mixture of above mentioned ingredients, apply on face and leave it for 20-25 minutes. After that rinse it. Please repeat the process in 3 times a week. 
Hopefully you will get some useful information from the article. 

Pros and Cons of taking Coffee.

Pros and Cons of taking Coffee.

Coffee is considered as one of the healthiest drink all over the world. Coffee contain a number of compound in it, most of them are good for us. Although it is good to have coffee but it has some side effect also. Excessive intake of coffee may cause many problems. There are a few facts related to health that one should check while taking coffee on regular basis:


1) Rich in Antioxidant: The main component found in coffee is caffeine and it work as antioxidant for human body and helps us fighting against the harmful disease Cancer like: oral cancer, uterine cancer, brain cancer, colon cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer etc. According to studies 2-3 cup of coffee per day reduces chances of cancer upto 3-4 percent.

2) Reduce risk of Diabetes:Recent studies have found out that intake of 4-5 cup of coffee per day lowers the risk of diabetes by 20-30 percent. But you need to make sure the beans you are using are of high quality. Also avoid using flavors, sugar and other preservative to enhance the taste, it will only result in reducing the effect of coffee on our body.

3) Memory improvement: It is said that people who have coffee on regular basis are able to recite and remember things easily than the people who don’t. Caffeine present in coffee seed helps in keeping you memorizing things. Various surveys has been conducted by keeping the same concept in mind and results clearly shows that people who take coffee are more attentive than others.

4) Fight against heart disease: People believe that coffee have negative effect on body but its not ture. If you take a certain amount of coffee in day, its quite good for you and also for your heart. Component in coffee could help you in improving heart diseases. Studies says that taking 2-3 cups of coffee a day lower the chances of heart diseases by almost 45 percent.

5) Anti-depressing drink: People nowadays suffer from depression a lot, caffeine in coffee beans is believed to initiate neutron-transmitters which are very much helpful in controlling moods resulting in reducing suicide attempts. Most of the people who attempt suicide are suffering from depression. A cup of coffee daily is very much helpful to clear your thoughts and lessen stress on your brain.

6) Prevent gout: Along with green vegetable, a cup of coffee a day is helpful in preventing gout from spreading in both male as well as females. According to studies as coffee has antioxidant property, it reduces insulin in body as a resulting in lowering level of uric acid. Uric acid is the main reason for gout.


1) Coffee may lead to weight gain: People who are trying to lose weight should avoid drinking of coffee, as this may lead to weight gain. Coffee in no way help to gain weight but the ingredients that you add in coffee are main source of weight gain such as sugar. If you are planning to lose some weight and also can’t leave coffee try having it without preservative and sugar. Its very beneficial to both men and women.

2) Addiction Simulation: Caffeine found in coffee activates the addiction simulation in human body. Caffeine make our body habitual to it and once you get addicted to it, you need it on regular basis and on the regular time. If you want to withdrawal from it you may face irritation, insomnia, headache etc. To avoid such situation don’t stop drinking coffee at once, reduce its quality gradually. For example if you are taking 5 cups in day, initially make it 4 cups a days and so on.

3) Cholesterol Level: One of the major side effect or over drinking of coffee is it increase cholesterol in human body. Kahweol and Cafestol are component present in coffee beans are responsible for this. To avoid this it is recommended that always drink filtered coffee. Filter paper used for filtering coffee remove Kahweol and Cafestol resulting in reducing the risk of increase of cholesterol.

4) Sleep Disturbance: Sleepiness is very common in people who consume coffee each day. As we know coffee contains caffeine which affects our body very quickly and stays for long time. It is symbol of alertness. If you are having a coffee means you are stepping in restless mode. So try to avoid coffee as much as you can.If you don’t get enough sleep then you will be getting irritated.

5) Reason for wrinkling of skin: If you take excessive amount of coffee in a day like 6-7 cups in day on regular basis, it may lead to skin wrinkles. The reason behind this it dehydration. In order to avoid this try to lessen coffee cups or if you can’t do that make sure to drink double amount of water to keep your body hydrated. 

Coffee has both positive and negative effects. Try to avoid addiction of coffee. You can take 2 cups of coffee a day to stay healthy. 
Please remember: Everything in excess is always bad.



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