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Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Health Benefits of Fruits

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Health Benefits of Fruits

Fruits are not only delicious to eat but are healthy too. Fruits are rich in minerals and vitamins which are very much essential for human body. Fruit also help us in preventing many harmful diseases like cancer on various parts of body like stomach, skin, mouth, cholesterol, blood pressure, heart diseases, diabetes, asthma and many more.

Vitamins and Minerals in Fruits: 

Every fruit contains a certain amount of mineral and vitamins. If we eat fruits on regular basis we would be far far away from many diseases. Almost all fruits contain vitamin A, B, C, E, K which are essentials for human body.
Fruits contain Potassium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Calcium, Sodium, and Iron to some extent. Although the amount of minerals contained by fruits is not good enough for healthy diet. You need to have healthy food too.

1. Kiwi Fruit Nutrition: 

Kiwi Fruit Nutrition - Health Benefits of Fruits

Kiwi provides huge amount of health benefits, it is the most nutritious fruit and having extensive amount of Vitamin C. Just one piece of Kiwi provides almost 75% of daily recommended Vitamin C.

There are a number of benefits of eating Kiwi:    

- It helps in digestion
- It is good source of folate commonly known as Vitamin B6
- It also helps in balancing PH value resulting in beautiful skin.
- It is also vitamin C provider resulting in boosting the immunity of human body.
- Reduces risk of eye related ailments
- It lowers the risk of Cancer and diabetes

How to take Kiwi:

It can be taken as simply by peeling off its cover, in the form of smoothie or as shake with melon and honey.

2. Litchi Fruit Nutrition: 

Litchi Fruit Nutrition - Health Benefits of Fruits

Litchi have very high nutritional value among all the fruits. It is very rich in Vitamin C, containing almost 72mg per 100 grams. It also contain minerals like phosphorus and copper which are essential for human being. There are countless benefits of eating Litchi some of them are listed below:
- It is beneficial for weight loss
- Promotes and regulates blood circulation in body
- Help in maintaining blood pressure and fluid balancing in body
- Improve our digestive system
- Prevent spreading of viruses like herpes

How to take Litchi:

You can eat it simply by peeling it off or you can prepare juice. Litchi juice is very healthy, one should have a glass daily or on regular basis.

3. Plum Fruit Nutrition: 

Plum Fruit Nutrition - Health Benefits of Fruits

Plum is great source of fiber and Vitamin C, Vitamin K, it also have sufficient amount of copper, potassium and dietary fiber. Plum is found in various varieties especially in Europe (almost over 300 varieties).

Here are some benefits of eating Plum: 

- It is very helpful in preventing cancer and age related Macular degeneration of eyes etc.
- Helpful for person suffering from obesity and diabetes.
- It is also useful while pregnancy.
- Very much effective in treating digestive disorder.
- Also helps you in improving sleep, concentration.
- Beneficial for heart heath and bones health.

How to take Plum:

It can be eat by simply washing it with water. Some people like to eat dry plum called prunes which are also very beneficial and good it taste. You can also prepare plum juice and have it.

4. Orange Fruit Nutrition:

Orange Fruit Nutrition - Health Benefits of Fruits

Orange contain an impressive list of minerals, fiber, vitamins and nutrients for over all growth of human being. Oranges are best resources of B-complex and Vitamins like pyridoxine, thiamin etc and these vitamins are necessary as human body can not generate on its own. These are acquired by external sources, and orange is source. It’s a seasonal fruit and one should have it during its season, taking orange off season can be harmful for health. Apart from these there are a number of benefits of orange and some of them are listed below:
- It helps in regulating blood pressure and also purify blood
- It keeps teeth and bones healthy
- Orange is very useful for skin, its helps in keeping skin glowing and protect skin
- It lowers cholesterol and protects kidneys from many diseases.
- They are also very useful in improving your digestion
- Orange also contain a sufficient amount of fiber resulting in healing small cuts very easily
- It is very useful for cancer patients as it contain phytochemicals that fight against cancer.

How to take Oranges:

Simplest way to have orange is just peel it cover and eat orange slices but make sure wash it with fresh water before peeling. Or you can also prepare its juice with pomegranate, very tasty and advantageous to human body.

5. Apple Fruit Nutrition:

Apple Fruit Nutrition - Health Benefits of Fruits

Apple is also called as “Nutritional Powerhouse” as it is very good for human body and contain Nutrients, Fiber, vitamins and minerals. It helps us with prevention of many harmful and dangerous diseases. Apart from health care for human body, apple is also famous for Medical values. There is a famous proverb: “An apple a day keeps the Doctor away”. Although it has countless benefits, I am sharing some of them here:
- Apple contain fiber and antioxidant which reduces the risk of colon and other cancer.
- Vitamins present in apple helps us to maintain RBC in human body.
- Apple cider helps in preventing the formation of kidney stone.
- Very helpful for improving eye sight and eye disorder
- It is very useful for skin, help as anti-aging agent too.
- People suffering from rheumatism use apple for healing.

How to take Apples: 

Apple can be used in many forms like Jam, juice, cider, dry fruit, pie, fruit salad etc or One can simple have it by peeling its cover too. You can also slice down apple and serve to people.

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Friday, 26 May 2017

Healthy Meal for Perfect Health

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A healthy meal is very essential for perfect health.To stay healthy, we need to eat a balance diet and variety of food. Healthy meal is to improve health, increase happiness and prevention of many chronic health risks. It is all about healthy living, having more energy, being fit, and feeling great.
Healthy eating means eating a variety of foods to feel good and maintain your health. Healthy eating plays a vital role in preventing chronic diseases, including heart disease, cancer, and stroke. In order to remain healthy and physically active, enjoy a healthier lifestyle. 
Healthy eating should be a habit. Like all habits, it can take some time and push to begin in any case, once set, it can endure forever. One of the best things we can accomplish for our youngsters is to help and encourage them to settle on good dieting decisions at home, at school and when they're all over the place.

Healthy meal/food includes

  • Vegetables and fruits
  • Whole grains (like barley, brown rice, oats, quinoa, and wild rice).
  • Beans (Great wellsprings of calcium incorporate dark beans, pinto beans, kidney beans, white beans, dark looked at peas, or heated beans).
  • Poultry & lean meat
  • Protein(Meat, Fish, Eggs, Beans)
  • A healthy diet provides the body basic sustenance: liquid, satisfactory fundamental amino acids from protein, basic unsaturated fats, vitamins, minerals, and sufficient calories.
  • Eggs and low fat dairy
  • Eat early, eat often
  • Drink more water

Eating breakfast has long term health benefits that can reduce obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes. Breakfast provides many benefits to our health and well being. So, breakfast really is the most important meal of the day for perfect health. A healthy breakfast is good sources of important nutrients such as calcium, iron and B vitamins as well as protein. Fruit and vegetables are also good sources of vitamins and minerals so try to include a portion of your daily life at breakfast, whether that is a banana or a glass of fruit juice.

  • Nutritionists  always advise that a healthy breakfast should provide calories in the range of 20-35% of your guideline daily allowance (GDA) and also it should be eaten within two hours of waking.
  • Eating breakfast can improve memory and focus levels and it can likewise make us more joyful as it can mood and lower stress levels.
  • Combining a protein with a starch based food, for example, bread, oats or grain gives important supplements for the day ahead. Protein sources include drain, eggs, yogurt, nuts and lean meat, for example, bacon and fish, for example, kippers or salmon.
  • Breakfast is the perfect time to begin with your prescribed '5-a-day' of fruit and vegetables. A glass of organic product juice or a banana, berries or cleaved apple with your oat or porridge is a decent approach to include some natural product. For a healthy dose of vegetables, attempt heated beans, tinned or crisp tomatoes or mushrooms on your toast.

Healthy Breakfast tips for Children for Perfect Health

  • Young kids have higher energy requirements and can soon be filled by an excess of fiber so a mixture of white and whole-meal bread is best.
  • Look for breakfast grains that are strengthened with supplements, for example, vitamin B, vitamin D and iron .
  • Check labels to choose breakfast oats that contain less salt and sugar.
  • Add fresh of dried fruit to oat to include sweetness, instead of sugar.
  • Include a glass of natural juice product for vitamin C from the juice will help iron absorption from the grain or bread. Iron is an essential supplement for development and growth  and is regularly hard to come by in youngsters' eating diets.
  • Include foods, for example, drain and dairy items (e.g. Yogurt) as these contain calcium which is important  for solid teeth and bones.
  • Always include a drink (e.g. Drain, water, natural product juice) to ensure youngsters begin the day very much hydrated.
  • Try smoothies made with new or canned organic product, natural product squeeze and low fat milk and yogurt.
  • Provide crisp, natural product, cartons of fresh fruit juice.
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Thursday, 18 May 2017

Keep yourself Calm and Healthy with light Yoga Poses

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Yoga can help heal your mind, physical injuries, and improve strength throughout your body, so it’s no surprise that yoga is one of the most powerful form that keep you calm and healthy. And one of the most effective form of Yoga is Sun Salutation. Here are different Sun Salutation poses to stay streesfree and healthy:

Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation):

Surya Namaskar has a cycle of 12 yoga exercises, each of which has a particular impact on the body. You can get maximum benefit from these asanas if you practice it in the morning facing the sun daily.


1.    Pranamasan: This is the prayer pose where you have to stand erect facing the sun with your palms joined together near your chest.
2.    Hasta Uttanasana: This is the raised arm pose where you need to bend your body backward, raise your hands upward with your face pointing towards the sky.
3.    Pada Hastasana: In this hand to foot pose, bend your body forward and down till your head reaches your knee.
4.    Ashwa-Sanchalan Asana: Stretch your left leg backward and balance on the toes. Your left knee should touch the floor, and right knee should touch your chest by bending.
5.    Parvatasana: Stretch your right leg back such that it is parallel with the left leg. Lift your hip with your toes and hands touching the ground.
6.    Ashtanga Namaskar: Now rest your chest and chin on the floor and lift the hip a little. This is a salute with the eight parts.
7.    Bhujangasana: Lift the chest from the ground, and keep your arms bent at the elbows and reach back. Face the sky by bending your head in the backward position.
8.    Parvatasana: Stretch your right leg back such that it is parallel with the left leg. Lift your hip with your toes and hands touching the ground..
9.    Ashwa Sanchaln- Asana:  Stretch your right leg backward and balance on the toes. Your right knee should touch the floor, and left knee should touch your chest by bending.
10.   Pada Hastasana: In this hand to foot pose, bend your body forward and down till your head reaches your knee.
11.   Hasta Uttanansana: This is the raised arm pose where you need to bend your body backward, raise your hands upward with your face pointing towards the sky.
12.   Pranamasan: Bring back your hands in Namaskar position with your feet together.

Yoga Poses to tone your body:

Pada Hasthasana (Hand to Foot Pose)

This exercise helps greatly to remove the belly fat. The abdomen gets compressed when your body bends forward which helps to tone the abdominal muscles.

Paschimottanasana (Seated Forward Bend):

This pose not only helps to lose tummy weight, but also is beneficial for peoples suffering from digestive disorders.

Naukasana (Boat Pose):

You can enjoy a flatter belly if you do this yoga poses for weight loss belly posture on a regular basis. It is a perfect asana to tone your abs.


The Vrikshasana is an incredible adjusting posture. It helps you enhance your capacity to center and focus. This asana reinforces the spine and the legs. It additionally helps neuromuscular coordination.Through this asana, you can enhance your seeing and listening to capacities. It develops the thorax as well.


Tadasana is also known as “Mountain Pose”.The Tadasana is the mother of the considerable number of asanas. Most standing asanas spring from the Tadasana. The principal thing this asana will do is right your stance. It will fortify your legs and tone your hips and stomach. It builds the nimbleness of your spine. When you take the right position, everything else falls set up.

Adho Mukha Svanasana

At the beginning, this asana is awesome for your spine. It stretches the spine and evacuates all the anxiety and strain that is caught in the spine. It likewise gives the hamstrings a decent extend and fortifies the legs. This takes out a ton of weight from the back. Blood flow is enhanced, as is processing. You are left invigorated and revived after this asana.


Uttanasana is lsoo known as” Padahastasana, Hasta Padasana, Standing Forward Bend”. Uttanasana, when interpreted in English, is known as the most capable extend. This asana enhances blood dissemination and permits a new shower of blood that is loaded with supplements and oxygen to hurry to your head. At the point when this happens, you feel immediately revived. This asana empowers the kidneys, liver, and stomach related framework. It additionally gives your back a decent extend. It quiets your psyche and calms cerebral pains and a sleeping disorder.


This asana totally unwinds the body and permits it to receive the rewards of the workout. It gives you a support of vitality furthermore permits you to focus better. This asana is flawless to assuage stress and strains. You can hone it each time you are pushed or feel low on vitality.


This asana has innumerable advantages. Obviously, it chips away at your back, yet it additionally fortifies your stomach related, conceptive, and urinary frameworks, helping them to work better. Rehearsing this asana frequently opens up your mid-section and throat. The Bhujangasana controls your digestion system as well.

Virabhadrasana I

This asana permits you to investigate your abdominal area. It opens up your mid-section. It likewise works seriously on your back and legs, along these lines extending and reinforcing them. It is a brilliant asana for the individuals who have work area employments in light of the fact that not just does it reestablish the strength of the spine, however it likewise empowers the digestion system. It unwinds the psyche and body furthermore helps you center.


This asana adds adaptability to the spine and improves the dissemination of blood and spinal liquids. It quiets your psyche and unwinds your body. This asana is likewise an extraordinary guts toner as it gradually blazes the pockets of fat. It helps in total body detox.


This asana is an unwinding posture. It is intended to unwind the back and quiet the brain. It additionally kneads and flexes the inside organs, subsequently invigorating them. It discharges caught worry in the muscles and enhances blood dissemination. This asana is particularly useful to novices. On the off chance that you feel dazed or exhausted amid the work on, breaking into this asana will ease you in a split second.

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